Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Watch for Burros!

As a traveler I have been many places. Each place seems to have it's tradmark animal to watch for when driving in open ranges. For example in Colorado and Utah it is common to see signs that have a deer on them. In Alaska you might find signs with moose on them or in Austrailia you would see signs for the koala(check out the Logan Austrailia daily photo)! But here in Nevada we have our watch for burros sign. When I first moved here I thought it was a joke, but it's not! We have heards of burros that wonder in the open desert around Las Vegas. So watch out for the burros!


Kala said...

hmmm Burros? not sure what they are but I guess from the sign its kinda like a donkey - interesting little fact - I will b sur to heed the advice =D

Darren said...

From Logan Daily Photo - I have a sign like this posted on Logan (Australia) daily photo. It is for the Koala.

Christy and Wendi said...

Darren I will have to check that out! Thanks for sharing!