Sunday, July 30, 2006

Unpack your packs

"On average a pack of cigarettes takes two hours and twenty minutes off your life. We'd like you to be around longer. Leave your cigarettes here and stop smoking!"
This receptacle was placed next to a display of the healthy lungs of a nonsmoker versus the lungs of a smoker at the BODIES exhibit I showed yesterday.
*I'd like you to be around longer too!


Kris said...

it seems to be working! Good post!

anne said...

Totally support this cause! I hope more people will realize the hazard of smoking!

Alexander said...

This is actually a pretty good idea, and it seems to work too. Unless all those packs are empty... :-)

Kala said...

Nice post - I actually use to work with smokers - teaching them how to workout as a way of quitting smoking - when smokers quit the habit, because they are no longer exposed to nicotine, their body experiences some weight gain - the exercise is to help minimize this effect whil giving them a sense of feeling better about their bodies.