Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Vegas Cyclists

My friend informed me that there is a group of cyclists that meet in her neighborhood who cycle together on Tuesday nights. I had to go and check them out. It was fun to watch them and quite exciting to see a whole group of cyclists pass you on the street. -Wendi


cropstar5 said...

Cropconperkey!! I love that you got this photo! We really do live in a cool town. Great perspective on this. I'll try and be less of a slacker and go take some photos :)Thanks for posting... again. You rock.

Kara said...

Did "Cropconperkey" really get the shot if Cropper has been slacking?!

It is indeed a nice shot. I like the double-mint twins out front. It looks like they're plotting to take out the happy-go-lucky blue guy.

Kala said...

I like action photos of athletes - very nice twilight colors!!! My fav time of the day