Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas

Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas is claimed to be the closest you can get to Germany without having to obtain a passport! Im told that the original Hofbrauhaus is located in Munich Germany, places like this make me want to travel the globe! It is located on the south east corner of Paradise and Harmon, downtown near the Hard Rock Hotel, so keep your eyes peeled ;) Here is the locations website: http://www.hofbrauhauslasvegas.com/

It features a live band and plenty of entertainment, I have never been to a restaurant/brewery that involved its customers in everything so completely! From dancing in conga lines, to contests, to sing alongs, to standing on tables!! Not to mention that their food is absolutely delicious!! Its a single story location, but the ceilings reach several stories high, the high ceilings amplify the music and singing!

Of course the Hofbrauhaus is really well known for its speciality brewery items and its pint size beers, you can buy smaller ones if you want, but these are the most common.. as you can see my friend Mark decided to stay seated for one of the moments where everyone was standing on the tables and benches. Its a guaranteed good time! You cant help but succumb to the positive energy atmosphere! -Erinn ;)


Anonymous said...

These are all very nice photographs and your narrative is interesting too.

Christy, Wendi, Dave & Erinn said...

Thanks so much!!!!!!!! :D