Friday, September 28, 2007

Round 2!

After being absent from the Las Vegas Daily Photo for awhile, with my wedding and life. I am once again going to attempt to document Las Vegas! But to be fair to readers.... I document the "natural side" of Vegas! I love the outdoor activities that can be found in and around Las Vegas! Yes, occasionally I make it down to the strip, but my primary goal is to show you the "pretty stuff" in Vegas! :)


Erinn said...

Yea Wendi!! Im glad you guys are back up!!!! Great shots!! Congrats on the Wedding!! :D

I love what you've done with the blog!!! :) - I did a piece on the Truckee River Walk, I know you would enjoy it :)

Jimmy said...

I wish you weren't absent at all! You are doing it again. :|

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