Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Desert Crustacion

I was at my friend's house last night and as we walked into the entry way of the house, we found a scorpion in the corner of one of the doors! When you get down and look at it fromthe side, it looked almost like a shrimp... just smaller. These insects are all over the place, but for the most part live in their own little areas. They like to inhabit dark areas, especially piles of wood. They are also known to find their way into palm trees. There have been a few quarantines over the years of trees with nesting scorpions. They also like to get into the walls of houses, and lay their eggs along the power cables. So be careful the next time you go digging in your walls and climbing palm trees!


Nathalie said...

Yeah, what a great shot.
I love the colour blue too : evening or paint colour blue?

I'm posting on creepy crawlies too today : a big spider you'll see in Sydney!

Jackie said...

I've just come by after leaving a comment at Nathalie's blog - is this creepy crawlie-fest a deliberate ploy? It's not a theme day or something is it? *shudder*

The Wellspring said...

YIKES! YIKES! YIKES! After reading your post and Nathalie's big hairy spider one, I almost feel like I should give thanks for the South American cockroach found and featured in my kitchen this week....almost.

~Lisa in Quito

Thiên said...

Hey, cool shot, esp. the blue.

Christy and Wendi and Dave said...

hey thanks for all the comments! the blue effect was actually an accident- it was dark and only had a small amount of light, and I had the white balance on the camera set to tungsten light, and then I used a flash, and everything came out blue... some of the other pictures i took witht he white balance set to flash came out looking more like the real colors, but they weren't as cool.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Beautiful but scary photo!

I think I read somewhere that some species are iridescent.