Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Night Time Traffic

Unbelievably to those of us who live here in Vegas, here is proof that there are some drivers here who can follow the road when driving! This is taken from one of the many street overpasses around the Strip, this one near the Wynn. They have been constructed to help pedestrians be able to cross the street without getting hit by a taxi! The taxis here are kind of like the ones in NYC, but they can go a lot faster here... This photo was taken by my camera, but the concept of the photo, framing and timing was by my friend Erinn


Dsole said...

What a brilliant shot! You caught perfectly the speed feeling!

Felicia said...

Great photo! I understand why they speed...it's like the first moment you get to drive fast after being in stuck traffic.

Lilly said...

Great picutre. It reminds me of Madonna's video "Ray of Light"

Kaakun said...

when do you find the time to take pictures? don't you work like 650 hours a week? i heard you started tech'ing, thats good i guess.

i'll work a saturday eventually. but it's nice to be like a normal person and have a weekend.

cropstar5 said...

What the heck! DAVE THIS IS AN AWESOME PHOTO!!! I love it!
Good job young man!

kris said...

funcky! love the shot!!