Sunday, March 11, 2007

Greetings From St. Louis!!

Greetings from St. Louis! Hey all, sorry about missing the last few days; I was in St. Louis for a conference and wasn't able to get online long enough to put up a post. I know this is a Las Vegas Daily Post, but I thought since there isn't one for St. Louis, I can post some pics!

This is the famous St. Louis Arch- I was really surprised to find out that is does not go over the river, which I always thought it did. It is huge though, rising over 600 feet into the air! There is a tram that will take you up to the top inside of the arch, but I didn't have the hour to wait in line to go... but it is a really neat thing to see, on my list of things to go back to for sure!


Pat said...

Wow! The things you learn in these DP blogs! I always thought it went over the river as well and I never knew you could go up it!

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Er said...

how deep is the foundation?

Victoria said...

It is worth it to go up in it! You can see (among other things) the new stadium and get a great view along the river. Plus on windy days you can actually feel it sway!