Thursday, April 05, 2007

Desert Burn

As the weather is warming up, sunburns are becoming more common (I got my first one of the year this last weekend too). Believe it or not, rocks get sunburned as well. The dark brown crust on this rock is what is known as "desert burn" and while no one knows what exactly it is, it is thought minerals inside of the rock are leeched out during rainstorms, and then oxidized on the surface in the sun, causing a darkenend "burned" look.

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Anonymous said...

The backs of my legs feels like this rock looks. I painted a door a couple of days ago with shorts on and got burned behind my knees. Ouch.

It is freezing here now though and that is hard on plants and wildlife. We are coping.

My first visit here. I will have to come back again.

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