Friday, June 01, 2007

Just trying to cool off..

Once again summer is here!! This is a picture of Buddy, the golden retriever, getting into the pool to cool down, I just think this picture is funny and precious all at the same time. -Erinn ;)


Steve Buser said...

They seem to be having a lot of fun -- a good start to the summer. Good photo for capturing that fun and special bond.

lv2scpbk said...

Wonderful shot. That dog looks like a great friend.

Bergson said...

in the small photograph,I believed that it was a bear.

I was afraid. OUF !!

Christy, Wendi, Dave & Erinn said...

Haha... No bears but he is a larger than your average golden retreiver!

Buddy is the best dog I have ever met in my life! He is a wonderful addition to my bosses family! If I had a training/breeding center that gauranteed dogs like him Id be making a fortune!!