Friday, June 15, 2007

My nephew

I do believe that my nephews are the most beautiful thing the grace this earth. I know I am most certainly biased, but thats ok. This picture was taken in my parents back yard a few evenings ago to celebrate the many June birthdays in my family! Childeren are wonderful to take pictures of, but I try to grab a shot that isnt so universally played out. I think this one will do -Erinn ;)


Abraham Lincoln said...

Wow. A very nice portrait.

Abraham Lincoln
Today you will get to see the baby raccoons...
Brookville Daily Photo

anu said...

Oh, he's adorable. Lovely eyes too.
And photogenic, look how he is facing the camera.
God bless the sweet li'l boy.

slinger said...

cutie! I like the expression on his face.