Friday, July 06, 2007

My favorite shot

I took this picture at the Wynn Las Vegas a few months ago. I almost walked right past it without giving it a second thought. Its just a couple walls after all. I just love the perspective. On a side note, Im moving to Reno in less than two weeks, so hopefully Christy, Wendi and Dave have taken some really cool pictures these last few months and will want to share. Because of my move I will post some pictures that I took while in Reno in a few days. I cant wait to get up there and take pictures of the Truckee River, Tahoe and the overall layout of the city! Take Care! -Erinn ;)


JaamZIN said...

this is a great photo. The angle makes it exciting!

Unknown said...

there is so much movement in the photo...and it's a wall. i love it!