Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Western Whiptail

I thought I would post another lizard photo. This one is of the Western (Great Basin) Whiptail. Unfortunately I don't have any fun stories about this one yet! -Wendi


Kala said...

The Western (Great Basin) Whiptail was first introduced to Nevada in 1906 during the peak of gold mining when miners would use the lizards as "canaries" for mine gas leaks - if the lizard died, than the miners knew to exit the premises...btw - I should mention, that is my hypothesis and not the real facts =)

Jazzy said...

cool shot, this time you were more careful taking a photo from behind his back =)

Olivier said...

tres belle photo, superbe ce lezard.

very beautiful photograph, superb this lizard.

cropstar5 said...

haha Kala I totally believed you!
Good hypothesis though :)

Christy and Wendi said...

Kala... FUN NAH!