Sunday, October 22, 2006

What we're all about

Golf courses, Urban sprawl and the Strip. This is the what life in Las Vegas is all about. We boast 38 golf courses, 1.8 million residence and 102,000 hotel rooms. What more could you ask for?


Eric said...

What more could you ask for? A lot of golf balls and 100's of caddies! Ok, I don't play golf so just bring me the tacky golf clothes instead.

I really like the way this photo captures what we view from over here as an American stereotype of "urban sprawl", with the big city in the background.

Ade said...


What more could you ask for? A pub with a pool table, possibly.

Saw your comments on Chris's site, and came over to have a look. Some grear phots! I will aim to be a regular visitor in future

Have a great day


Ad said...

Hi again

And possibly some good old Southern Rock Music!

Dave said...

I worked on those houses! Lot's of good insurance and low deductibles for the broken windows would be nice- for the homeowners... I have quite a collection of the balls though!

Sally said...

I dunno - what else could there possibly be??? ;-)A skyline without smog to admire the mountains?